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We Are Meant To Be Real, Not Perfect

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Lola Rotimi-Sosanya


We Are Meant To Be Real, Not Perfect


Different people will perceive this meaningful quote in different ways depending on their experience, cultural and religious background, sex and age. From the marketing point of view, this quote applies perfectly to business practices. Being human has one unquestionable advantage – it is okay to err, and nobody is perfect.


The majority of startups aspire to create a 100% successful venue to bring them hundreds and millions in revenue. What they seem to fail to realize is the majority of successful businesses out there are not 100% perfect. Any business goes through hard times sooner or later. This can be due to a significant sales decrease, employee or customer loss, personal matters influencing a business productivity, market fluctuations, unfair competition and blatant monopolies. The list can go on forever.


Should a business face adversity, the worst thing an owner can do is panic. Seeking out the constructive way of thinking and developing that attitude in business is the best way to avoid panic when things get nasty. Try and focus on your business initial goals, your company’s vision. Stick with people who share your ideas and believe in your success. Listen to their advice, for some time being too submerged in a problem, we fail to see the obvious solutions.


Positive attitude may seem like an outdated cliche, but somehow the most prominent and successful businessmen keep saying it was one of the factors that made them successful. Easier said than done? Do not be hopeful. Instead, be constructive. Think of what you can do to solve the problem, and work hard to make it happen. If you should fail once, keep trying because too often we give up climbing when we are almost on top.

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