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Finding the Best Affordable Lawyers at

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Lola Rotimi-Sosanya


Finding the Best Affordable Lawyers at

Services provided by lawyers can be costly but they are essential when dealing with legal documents, preparation of a will, the eviction process, establishing an LLC for business and many more. Businesses would surely require the services of lawyers, but the price of their services can be steep. A simple consultation will cost about hundreds of dollars, how much more if you need attorney-approved forms. Today, finding affordable lawyers can Tips on starting a small business Picturesbe a difficult task, but it is a must.

This is where Rocket Lawyer enters the picture if you are in need of affordable services. As an introduction, Rocket Lawyer is basically an online legal service that is specifically designed to assist with legal issues at an affordable rate. In essence, Rocket Lawyer is more like a “pre-paid” legal service that offers an affordable monthly subscription plan at the price of $39.95 every month after the 1-week trial period ends. In this plan, it allows creating legal documents and getting legal advice. Always take note that Rocket Lawyer specializes on three main areas in the legal field – creation of legal documents, connecting with affordable lawyers for questions and incorporating businesses. At the price of only $39.95, the legal services in Rocket Lawyer are more affordable than employing lawyers with hefty fees in each move that they make.

If compared with LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer is different due to its comprehensive legal services. With LegalZoom, it only provides clients with questionnaires that can help with the filling out of legal forms. The online legal forms service basically provides documents that are recognized by different government bodies and courts all over the United States.

With the three main services offered by Rocket Lawyer, we will take a close look how each works. With the creation of legal documents, the service is required in real estate as well as in various businesses. Rocket Lawyer can provide state specific legal forms for businesses or for personal need. It includes eviction notices, power of attorney; quit notices, wills, trusts, affidavits, travel consent form, domestic partnership agreement, nanny agreement, government letters, marriage separation agreement, response to IRS notice, real estate deeds, bill of sale, service contracts, non-disclosure agreement and many more.

The second service offered by Rocket Lawyer is connecting with affordable lawyers. This can greatly help out businesses since getting in touch with lawyers can be expensive. By getting the subscription from Rocket Lawyer, clients are allowed to contact an on-call lawyer in your area for a quick question online or establish a phone conversation for questions or concerns. The service can cater to – quick online question, document review and phone consultation.

Lastly, Rocket Lawyer can help navigate through the process of incorporating a business. The service will help establish a company and it is already covered in the cost of your plan. Additional fees include the official state filling fees that tends to differ in the state you are in. It is not costly to have an LLC created.

If you are in need of legal services from your lawyer, it is best to consider the costs involved. For those who are under a budget, it can be a costly endeavor, particularly for businesses or for personal needs. With the legal services offered by Rocket Lawyer, it is similar to getting affordable lawyers to cater to all your needs.



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